Ain’t That a Cliche

“Time heals everything”, this is a cliche everyone comes around at some point of their lives. Now I won’t say that I beg to differ but is it true? Does time really heal everything? Or does it just makes you comfortably numb to the situation. Again different people have different views on this but majority believe it to be correct.

If you ask me then I’d say that it is partially correct. Partially because as far as I have experienced the wounds don’t completely heal. There is a big gaping scar that is left behind right where no one but you can see it.

Time has the capacity to bury the pains, the sorrows and then cover them with layers upon layers of sand. And every now and then that dust fades away and you are left with bad memories and tears. So I’ll just have to say that time makes things more bearable.

What do you think time does? What are your views? Have you experienced a similiar situation where you just don’t know whether time has made things better or not? Feel free to share..


7 comments on “Ain’t That a Cliche

  1. Ray says:

    it’s not that time heals everything… it’s how you utilize time to your advantage. Make it work FOR you instead of against you. That’s the trick.

  2. true… πŸ™‚ but time gives us distance which eventually gives us a different perspective and ultimately, a different sense of proportion. thus, we’re able to put things in their places and hopefully, rearrange our priorities, ahuh… πŸ™‚

    nice bit of discussion, Average Girl… thanks for the follow. let’s have a better year. πŸ˜‰ ~ San

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