The Hurt Chronicles#4


Life was never kind to me,

Just a scary roller coaster ride.

You were the light at the end of the tunnel,

The only person I let inside.


I told you all my deepest secrets,

On your shoulders I knew I could lean.

I let you see that side of me,

That no one has ever seen.


So tell me why we’re standing here,

Where exactly did I go wrong?

Were you never the friend I thought you were,

Was I dreaming all along?


Wasn’t I there when you needed me the most,

When you were alone and nobody would care?

In your darkest of times didn’t I stand right beside you,

Wasn’t I your rock in times of despair?


Now you act like I don’t matter,

Like our friendship was never meant to stay.

I try so hard to work things out,

But you just keep pushing me away.


Why do we have to live this way?

This sadness is consuming us all.

So fight, yell, blame I won’t mind at all,

Cause it damn hurts when you say nothing at all..


2 comments on “The Hurt Chronicles#4

  1. pmoyo says:

    I’ve felt this way before… Nicely written, great expressions and the emotion comes through quite well. Cheers!

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