When Opposites Attack

Have you ever had the feeling when you realised that the things that got you attracted to a person before are the same things that drive you up the wall now? How his eccentric behaviour that swept you off your feet, now gets under your skin? If you are the victim of the same cause, then you are not alone. I know women who after years of being in a perfectly happy relationship,wake up one morning saying, “Really? Him? Out of all the people I could have dated I had to choose him? What the hell was I thinking?”

Now I know it is human nature to be attracted to the people who are different from us, it is a way to complete the things that we find missing in ourselves. Still I don’t think it works in the long run. According to me we should be with a person who shares the same perception towards life and has similar dreams and aspirations. I think that way both partners may be able to help each other through the ups and downs of life. Isn’t that what compatibility is all about?

It is true that when we meet a person that is poles apart from us there is instant attraction, like moths to a flame. But how long is that attraction going to last? There will be a time when those differences you once boasted of become the common subject for everyday conflicts.

What are your views? How true is the “opposites attract” theory according to you ?


7 comments on “When Opposites Attack

  1. It’s LUST at 1st site not LOVE at 1st site. One can pretend that opposites really last..but speaking from my experience that is not the case. I had tried of course with people that had a couple of things in common with me, but sadly in the end… but now Mr. S whom I have been with for almost 5 years are so similar in ways it’s scary. I think it’s a curse that afflicts us all to some degree. The only attraction that will last is ideals, thoughts, views, life goals etc in common. Some may say that that is boring..but no ..you have so much more to talk about when you like the same things. Gut feel in the beginning and not thinking ‘they will change for me’ is possibly a way to think. 🙂 Good Post!

  2. Yes it is supposed to be *sight* 🙂 You are right that if you have similar interests there is more to talk about and not the kind of talking when you just nod your head inattentively to whatever the other person says 😉 I am personally more comfortable with people with whom I share the same views. Thanks for visiting 🙂

  3. In the words of Gerald O’Hara in Gone with the Wind, “Like must marry like or there can be no happiness.” But, as beautifully depicted in that story, if you don’t know who YOU are, you won’t be able to recognize who your true counterpart is…I think part of the appeal (and the underlying problem) of dating an opposite is that you’re trying to put on an identity that isn’t true to who you are.

  4. Very beautifully said Abigail 🙂 It is true that when we are with a person who is our opposite we try to change ourselves to suit our counterpart. In that process we are likely to lose our identity which is the main cause of rifts in relationships.
    Thank you for the wonderful comment 🙂

  5. mudit says:

    nice one

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