Are Ghosts Real???

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. – Hamlet (1.5.166-7), Hamlet to Horatio

Sometimes we experience things which cannot be explained by mere science or our knowledge of the world as it is. These are the things which many of us like to ignore or consider as a delusion. I’ve never been a firm believer in such supernatural happenings but a recent incident made me to question my beliefs.

We have an ancestral home that belonged to my great-grandmother once. She died about twelve years ago leaving the house to one of my uncles. The house stayed abandoned for nearly a decade when a few months back he decided to finally sell the place. He found some buyers who bought the house and got it renovated before moving in.

Few weeks later my uncle got a call from the family saying that sometimes they saw an old woman in a white dress sitting in a far corner of their living room. She wouldn’t say anything or do anything, just sat there looking into nothingness. What actually amazed all of us was the fact that they had never seen or heard about my great-grandmother but the description they gave of the apparition they saw matched perfectly with her.

It was obvious she didn’t mean any harm but her sighting alone was scary for the new family. My uncle hypothesized that maybe her soul got restless after the renovation work since the living rom where she was seen used to be her bedroom once. The family got the house purified or something by a priest and now they claim that they don’t see her anymore.

I was shocked after I heard this story since I’ve never believed in the supernatural,  but now I don’t know what to believe in. Have you ever experienced something like this? Do you believe in ghosts? What is your take on the supernatural?


6 comments on “Are Ghosts Real???

  1. I haven’t had any personal experiences and I don’t know what my reaction would be. A girlfriend of mine use to have a male visitor in black coat and hat come into her kitchen and bedroom quite regularly, but she is a believer and knew he meant no harm.
    I believe there has to be something.. I am not a religious person (much to my mothers dismay) but I believe our soul lives on and there to be a life after. No one has proven that there isn’t…so I’ll have my answer when I come back… 🙂 Liked this.

    • I myself have never believed in ghosts but when my mother narrated this story to me I was spooked like hell. Especially since I had met my great-grandmother once or twice before she died and the very fact that now perhaps her soul is restless and is wandering in that house of hers was difficult to accept. I’ll believe when I have a personal experience.
      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I find that times of great uncertainty breed a desire to embrace with and entertain thoughts of an afterlife; a yearning to know that there must be more to life than the current treadmill of debts and financial debilitation. Ghost stories themselves offer a conduit for investigations of the human condition in all its spectral shades of beauty and beast. They are pure escape but unlike the average dose of mindless celluloid tat they leave enough uncertainty in the mix to invest our emotions and beg the question, what if….

  3. Thank you for explaining it so well. I never saw a ghost story in that light before.

  4. I have gone over this a few times. Considered how I feel. So looking at it from one approach, grouping it with Big foot sightings and ufo’s, one could say if it was possible there would be much more obvious proof.

    …but we are not like that, perhaps some is hope, that lost ones could return. Saying our goodbyes though, is sometimes so hard, to be revisited could make that endless. It would be hard to move on.

    Hollywood seems to make most “ghost” stories frightening. But why? Wouldn’t our loved ones return with love?

    Are some experiences just what your mind lets you feel, that whispering touch or what seems to be a familiar shape….. or has some spirit returned. 🙂

    Thought invoking post and I really rambled without answering. Yay. lol.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts Amber 🙂 Yes, loved ones can return with love. It doesn’t have to be scary all the time. They love us as much as we love them and maybe that is what brings them back sometimes.

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