Lying down on my bed,

My life all drained I’m feeling sore;

I never thought it’ll come to this,

But I’m not sorry anymore.


You left me shattered to my core,

You made me hollow from inside;

I blamed myself for your mistakes,

When all you did was make me cry.


You crushed my soul and raped my faith,

You left me standing in disgrace;

Your gentle touches now I fear,

Your loving words now make me sick.

So come hurt me again….


Today I forgive all your sins,

I’m letting go of my suffering;

I just want out of this bad romance,

Now all I seek is deliverance.


I’m still lying on my bed,

I’m drowning now in my pool of red;

I’m free of you, free of your lies,

Flying now as I die.

Cause you can’t hurt me again…..


18 comments on “Redemption

  1. eeeeps, so sad RG. so much hurt.

  2. sakuraandme says:

    Ohhh! I hope this isn’t about you? If so, I hug you!! Hugs Paula xx

  3. 3rd Stanza ….WOW. Hugsss RG xxx

  4. ssrijana says:

    no one can hurt you unless you allow them to do so.

  5. You’ve already commented that this poem is not about you. I still get a feeling that at least a few lines in the poem is about you too. Can’t help because the words you’ve used in the poem are so strong and they have such an impact. I don’t want to sound preachy but, felt like sharing this quote with you.

    In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

    Hope your wounds heal soon. 🙂

  6. Irish Katie says:

    Sometimes beautiful and strong prose or poems can be so hard to read … but sometimes the words draw you.

    I am glad when I wrote how you told others this was not about you. But it still saddens me that it is other’s story.

  7. viewsplash says:

    Well done! Keep going! 🙂

  8. Thanks a lot for visiting 🙂

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