Sweet Dreams are made of this..

It is dark in here, a pitch black room,
I’m hiding from the sun.
The light disrupts the endless calm,
This void that my life has become.

I hear the voices calling me,
They’re telling me to unlock the door.
They try to seep in through the cracks,
Ready to unleash the pain in store.

I close myself and shut them out,
My tears still falling like rain.
The air around so thick with fear,
It’s bound to leave a stain.

No stop!!! Just stop I’m begging now,
These nightmares won’t go away.
Those footsteps keep coming closer and closer,
 To escape I can find no way.

The numbness sings a sweet lullaby,
My need to fight it deep.
I lie awake keeping me conscious,
I’m just too afraid to fall asleep.


12 comments on “Sweet Dreams are made of this..

  1. deanabo says:

    I have been here. You wrote it well.

  2. ohhhh, sounds like night terrors. blech.

    your words paint a vivid picture RG.

  3. Strong, emotive and powerful RG…well executed xxx

  4. sakuraandme says:

    I understand this poem really well and loved it! Happy Valentines Day!! Hugs Paula xxx

  5. soumyav says:

    what a way to be awake ! it is superb,the flow in your poem.

  6. […] from the randomaveragegirl about my nominations. I love her poems so much, my favorite one is “Sweet dreams are made of this”. So this is the third time that I get the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and the second time I get […]

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