The Fallen One

I’m addicted to you

Addicted to your lies

To the dark promise behind your words

To the ice-cold of your eyes.

Your love like poison in my veins

Violating me to my very core

Your kisses like fire on my skin

You leave me desperate wanting more.

Your smile, it haunts my every dream

Your voice, my every waking hour

Your touches burn me down to ash

To fight you I don’t have the power.

You’re a dark angel my love

A fallen one, a broken soul

It’s dangerous what I feel for you

Your love consumes me whole


25 comments on “The Fallen One

  1. sakuraandme says:

    Oh wow! I’m in love with this poem! and if it’s to someone? What passion! Hugs Paula xx

  2. The intensity of a wrong love brought out in words – well written RG xx

  3. meiro says:

    I felt this some years ago it’s like attached in my eyes.
    Love this …. true and profound.


  4. Ruby says:

    I totally love it, flawless and powerful!

  5. Dark and intense! I loved reading it.

  6. chocolate.. nods.. it must be about chocolate. 😉

    It is filled with raw passion RG, right to the core. Very well done.

  7. soumyav says:

    its magical and beautiful!

  8. dianaontheprowl says:

    I think you’re an awesome poet. I just had to say it. 🙂

  9. Ray says:

    Love the use of the 5 senses here. You paint a masterpiece of emotions with such clarity. I can feel the pain in your writing. You have a gift.

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