I still think about you. I know I shouldn’t and I know it’s stupid but I can’t help it . There are times when I hear my phone ringing and I silently wish it was you. I still wake up feeling empty inside, as if I was missing a part of me.

I just want to know how you’ve been. Are you happy? Does she make you happy? I know it is inappropriate to be asking these questions but I am genuinely curious. You were my best friend for years and I do have the right. You just can’t abandon someone like that.

I miss my friend, I miss being able to tell you everything. It kills me to see you pass by me everyday and not even acknowledge me. What would I give to have you look at me  just once without flinching. Do I ever cross your mind or have you completely erased me from your memories? Why do I have to lose a friend to make things better?


11 comments on “Still

  1. deanabo says:

    So very sad. Eating a terrific job expressing emotions.

  2. Laurien says:

    This is so sad and touching, beautifully written! Please don’t see thingking back of that person and the beautiful memories as a bad thing to do, and I’m almost sure that person thinks back of you too, really! 🙂

  3. The pain of breaking up, of losing a friend a confidant ..of wondering what changed so for them not to acknowledge… this is gorgeous RG – well done of painting the picture. xx

  4. Ray says:

    You state things that I think both men and women feel after a breakup. So hard on one’s heart. You nailed it here. Lovely (wrenching) tale here.

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