If Only (a challenge by Ramblingsfromamum)

If only had I known

You to be so cold

I would not have bared

My vulnerable heart to you.

Wish I was not blind

To your deceit and to your lies

Wish I had known better

And not let you in.

I’ve crashed and burned

Turned to ashes

Only to look back and wonder

Would it be different

If I had known..


19 comments on “If Only (a challenge by Ramblingsfromamum)

  1. Ruby says:

    Your poem made me shiver! Love it!

  2. deanabo says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if people came with a warning? Terrific writing.

  3. if we had foresight would we ever love?

    It was a grandly done challenge RG 🙂

  4. You accepted and rose to the challenge and I am so grateful and honoured that you did. This was exceptional my lovely – thank you xx

  5. alisha says:

    im speechless….
    u do that evertym…my god ur a terrific writer…

  6. shivprasad says:

    I think even after being in this is state, its important how one reacts to it.. I suppose every word was so pure by you… great…!! loved it..

  7. Ray says:

    Learn from this and live better because of it. Dwell not on the past, but focus your energy on the future. The future is yours.

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