Born to Die??

It was like any other day. I woke up, got dressed and dragged my ass to yet another agonizing lecture on dead people. Personally Forensic science was never my forte.  I mean who likes to hang around in the mortuary for the better part of the day 😦 That day was supposed to be like any other day. We were supposed to be having a lecture on bones which I had planned to sleep through. What I didn’t know was that a single incident was going to change my outlook on life forever.

Halfway through the lecture we were told that there was a very special case for postmortem that day and that we shouldn’t miss it. Happy that I won’t have to suffer the boredom of a lecture theater I all but skipped to the postmortem house. 

Instead of a body there lay a small bundle wrapped in an old blanket. There was buzzing all around, students trying to figure out what it was that we were going to witness. Finally the blanket was removed. There lay a small girl, barely two days old with bruises covering her face and neck.  A collective gasp resounded in the room. 

The whole thing was supposed to be the highlight of our term since very few people got to witness this. It would help us to understand what we read in the books better but none of these thoughts could remove the ache that was forming in my chest. The harsh reality that female infanticide did exist hit me hard. Reading about it in the news never made this more real than it was at that moment.

What had that poor girl done to anyone? Should she be killed this mercilessly just because she was a girl?

As time passed we learnt how her parents had wrapped her up in a blanket just one day after she was born and then dumped her at a secluded place to die. She died of hunger and cold. Damn she was even attacked by the dogs, hence the bruises. She was born alive there was no doubt of it. Her parents didn’t want her so they took care of the situation the old way.

How can people be so heartless? How is it possible for a mother to murder her child whom she nurtured in her womb for nine months? I can’t begin to understand the reasons behind this cruelty. 

We need to take a stand. Female infanticide is a crime and just not humane. To fight this we must join hands. Talk to the people you know, create awareness and if you see such a thing happening around you, inform the authorities. Search your soul and tell me-

“Was she really born to die?”


17 comments on “Born to Die??

  1. Pinkjumpers says:

    Such a powerful post, I can’t believe this happened! Argh.
    You’re right though, this issue needs to be tackled before more babies are murdered like this.

  2. pseudomonaz says:

    How can people do this to their own child? Argh…I am speechless. I hate the fact that this happens in our country. I hate this society. Gender discrimination, rapes, female infanticide…are girls allowed to live here? I don’t know when we’ll get our answers.

    • It is a crime to be born a girl in India 😦 The only way to avoid anything happening to you is to simply not exist..first there was Damini and now four year olds getting raped 😦 It is just pathetic..

  3. Oh RG – I have been away for a few days and have only just read this. Can I ask a possibly naive question, which country did this happen in?? I am totally gob-smacked that any mother could do this to her own child, her flesh and blood. The cruelty committed is unthinkable & horrific – no human or animal is born to die before their time on this earth. This is tragic and sad, to think of her little body lying in the cold, hungry, crying… just sickens me beyond belief. Well written though RG and thank you for bringing it to the attention of others. xx

  4. simplyMohit says:

    You really don’t have a word to describe this kind of heartlessness. The end of humanity….. 😦

  5. Amit Singh says:

    Poor people have to do that, they can’t raise a kid. And one which won’t bring bread – in their social class – rather only take stuff away. While the situations to reduce such habits be reduced, people should come up and take up these little ones, save them from such fate.

    • I do understand your point Amit but was killing the child in cold blood the answer? Poverty is a hard thing to deal with but that doesn’t give people the right to commit such crime.

      • Amit Singh says:

        Most of us are in pain and feel terrible for the child, being strangers. The parents, or atleast the mother would know more. Its less of a right being exercised, more of being forced by circumstances. People have to give up their blood because our country is failing, and how a class of society is being forced to vanish, both for interlinked social and economic pressure.

  6. The Wisdom of Forensics says:

    Last week in Abu Dhabi… a 4 months years old girl was beaten up by the housemaid while parents were outside the house. I would post the details on my blog later this week. Her name was Malak (Angel in Arabic). Honestly speaking…. It is really tough to be a forensic scientist… looking at such cases… especially when it involves infants…. then come back home and see the kids in your family jumping around… you just wonder… she missed her childhood for what!… and all you wanna do hug the kids around you and shower them with love…

  7. Irish Katie says:

    Tis hard to read such a thing ….

    I read this blog post earlier….and was not going to comment. However …. I have been wanting to ask on the lesson they were trying to teach. Was the lesson of value?

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