To Love or Not to Love…

To say that it is one of my favorite quotes would be a major understatement. I’ll have to admit the question of whether one should fall in love or not is something everyone has contemplated in their lives. I for one am very skeptical about it. So I want to know what you think. Is taking the risk worth it?


17 comments on “To Love or Not to Love…

  1. Neeraj says:

    It is always worth taking the risk!

  2. Amit Singh says:

    I’d rather end up wishing I hadn’t than end up wishing I had.

  3. Of course it is my sweet. The enjoyment and happiness of having someone to love FAR outweighs the pain of losing someone in a relationship, or not having anyone at all. Love is a roller coaster ride, there are your highs and your lows…but how will you know if you never try…never reach out…never let someone love you or you them? You will always wonder, always say ‘what if’…Love is always worth taking a risk for…take it from this ‘Mumsy’ xxxx

  4. simplyMohit says:

    An extremely risky investment, but once it starts giving good returns, you become a billionaire in no time. 🙂

  5. simplyMohit says:

    You don’t really have to take a dip in the well, to measure the depth….. 😛

  6. sakuraandme says:

    Absolutely!! Even all the tears and pain when it doesn’t work are worth that feeling. Even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time. Hugs Paula. Xx

  7. Irish Katie says:

    I believe all are saying tis worth the risk yes?

    I have lived by the saying …”always keep your heart open” for a long time.

    I KNOW….I know with all my heart, that there is the possibility of being hurt whenever I open myself up to someone. I KNOW, that there is the possibility of being EXTREMELY HURT…when I open myself up to love.

    But I also know RG….that if we do not, then we will surely miss out on something that can be incredibly grand.

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