I miss you my dear ball of fur…

Oh how you’ve grown up; no more the same little thing that used to climb in bed with me and snatch away my pillow to use it as your mattress.

No more chewed footwear or torn cushions. No…you are lazier now 😛

You make me want to rush home and hug you. It is my favorite stress buster.

I love you my one true love…my Zoe. ❤


3 comments on “

  1. anyone who loves dogs – I love. A beautiful tribute to a girls best friend, nothing beats the hugs and love from a dog. Hugs to you and Zoe xx

  2. milai says:

    She looks sooo adorable! I used to have a dog, but after he died, I couldn’t bear to get another one for fear of losing him/her again.

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