The Siren’s Call


A night this dark no star in sight,
I crouch as fear creeps in;
I hear his voice, it calls to me,
His words as addictive as sin.

Through the shadows I watch hypnotized as he glides,
Something dangerous about his gait;
I follow him blindly through the winding path,
My heart hammering as I anticipate.

I see him enter that house down the road,
The bedroom where she sleeps unaware;
My eyes catch the glint of the dagger he now holds,
Its size enough to give you a scare.

I stare transfixed as he plunges it deep,
Deep crimson getting splattered everywhere;
I wish I could stop him from hurting this girl,
But her screams are like music to my ears.

Every time he stabs makes me more aroused,
Each moan of hers rises my hunger;
Suddenly my reverie bursts like a bubble,
Thats when I realise my blunder.

Yet again I am in a stranger’s house,
Yet again I’m bathed in red;
Yet again I find myself running away,
Yet again I’m filled with dread.

Oh God help me for I have sinned,
This guilt kills me inside;
I get so helpless when my siren calls,
There is just no place left to hide.


The First Kiss…

Here we are again

Just you and me

Standing face to face

The raindrops falling around us.

Here we go again

You’re staring right through me

Your eyes feel like they’re

Caressing my soul.

You take my hand

And take my breath away

I fall into your arms

This is where I belong.

I feel your warmth

A bit more closer now

Would you let me in

Let me touch your heart.

Our hands entwined

Your breath is tracing my face

Then ever so slowly

Your lips are on mine.

Those feather light touches

Those sweet nothings whispered 

That moment of passion

That taste of your lips on mine.

Oh how can I forget

That first time

The first time we kissed

The first time we lived.