To Love or Not to Love…

To say that it is one of my favorite quotes would be a major understatement. I’ll have to admit the question of whether one should fall in love or not is something everyone has contemplated in their lives. I for one am very skeptical about it. So I want to know what you think. Is taking the risk worth it?


Bleeding Love

I know exactly what you think,
You think that I have gone insane.
But is it right for you to judge,
When you’re so ignorant of my pain.

I told you once, I told you twice,
I told you every night and day.
I swore to you my love, my life,
Still you fooled me all the way.

I gave to you all that I had,
My heart, body, soul and mind.
Tried to make you see my side of things,
How could you have been so blind?

You left me standing helpless,
But what else can I do.
How can I move on with life,
When I’m still in love with you.

I tried to erase the scars you left,
But your memories won’t fade away.
I carved your name on my soul with love,
And that fire still burns me everyday.


Lying down on my bed,

My life all drained I’m feeling sore;

I never thought it’ll come to this,

But I’m not sorry anymore.


You left me shattered to my core,

You made me hollow from inside;

I blamed myself for your mistakes,

When all you did was make me cry.


You crushed my soul and raped my faith,

You left me standing in disgrace;

Your gentle touches now I fear,

Your loving words now make me sick.

So come hurt me again….


Today I forgive all your sins,

I’m letting go of my suffering;

I just want out of this bad romance,

Now all I seek is deliverance.


I’m still lying on my bed,

I’m drowning now in my pool of red;

I’m free of you, free of your lies,

Flying now as I die.

Cause you can’t hurt me again…..

Letters to ‘YOU’- Part 2


        I don’t know if you read my previous letter or if you are going to read this one but I just had to do this. I needed to let out all the frustration and anger in some way and writing to you seemed the perfect method. After all you need to know the hell you put me through.

It is just that I know you will never accept your fault and it infuriates me even more. I still remember that time; it is clear as ice. Your betrayal felt like somebody had punched a hole right through my chest and I couldn’t breathe. I would wake up every morning hyperventilating, my face smeared with tears from the last night.  I had to practically tell myself not to break down in front of everyone. I was numb; pain was my only solace.

Why didn’t you answer any of my calls? Was it that hard to help me out of my misery? I didn’t even realise that I was depressed till one day I looked into the mirror and didn’t recognise the girl looking back at me. Can you imagine that pain?

Today I want you to know that I am better now. I have real friends who won’t leave me in need. I won’t say I am over you because I’m not but I can assure you that one day I will erase you completely from my life.  This is the last time I am writing to you. I wish you all the best for your future. Goodbye and good luck…

Bounce Back!!

“When life throws you curveballs, hit them out of the park,” – Karen Salmansohn

Okay I don’t usually write reviews but this is one book I would want everybody to read. A friend of mine recommended this book to me and I absolutely loved it.The good thing about this book is that it talks about everything; from depression to trust issues to weight gain, there is something for everyone here. Karen makes you believe that you can face anything with courage and determination, there is no need to feel alone or scared.  She really gets to the heart and leaves you having a positive outlook on life. So please give it a try and I hope the tips that she has given will prove beneficial to you too 😀

Stay happy and keep on believing!!!!

When Opposites Attack

Have you ever had the feeling when you realised that the things that got you attracted to a person before are the same things that drive you up the wall now? How his eccentric behaviour that swept you off your feet, now gets under your skin? If you are the victim of the same cause, then you are not alone. I know women who after years of being in a perfectly happy relationship,wake up one morning saying, “Really? Him? Out of all the people I could have dated I had to choose him? What the hell was I thinking?”

Now I know it is human nature to be attracted to the people who are different from us, it is a way to complete the things that we find missing in ourselves. Still I don’t think it works in the long run. According to me we should be with a person who shares the same perception towards life and has similar dreams and aspirations. I think that way both partners may be able to help each other through the ups and downs of life. Isn’t that what compatibility is all about?

It is true that when we meet a person that is poles apart from us there is instant attraction, like moths to a flame. But how long is that attraction going to last? There will be a time when those differences you once boasted of become the common subject for everyday conflicts.

What are your views? How true is the “opposites attract” theory according to you ?

Loving You…

You make me smile when I’m feeling down,
I throw these fits but you never frown;
You’re a little piece of my dreams come true,
You’re the reason everyday I feel brand new.

You think I’m pretty even drenched in rain,
My makeup spoiled, my face all stained;
You laugh at all my senseless jokes,
Buy me chocolates even though you’re broke.

You can hear me ramble all night long,
And God knows for that you gotta be strong;
You always come wash away my tears,
Everytime you’re beside me I know that you care.

Every step I take you’re always there,
You tell me to move on without a fear;
You leave me restless when you’re not around,
Loving you is a miracle that I’ve found.