Save Me

Save me

I’m falling apart

Save me

If you can

I’m drowning in

This sea of lies

A lost cause

A broken soul

My empty eyes

Crave for love

My sad smile

Hides the pain inside

Hold me tight

Don’t let me go

Save me

While there’s still time.


Would You?

Would you still love me

if I told you I wasn’t perfect.

Would you hold me tight

if I told you I was weak.

Would you wrap me in your arms

and tell me I’m alright.

Would you let my tears stain your shirt

when your arms are what I seek.

Would you steal away my pain

and help me heal this broken heart.

Would you whisper sweet nothings

just to see me smile.

Would you stay with me forever

and never let me fall apart.

Would you still love me

if I told you I was damaged beyond repair.

Would you still love me

or just let me go.

Would you be there for me

I wish there was a way to know..