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Part 1: The Perks of being a Wallflower

Believe me people, being a wallflower isn’t as bad as it looks. Despite the general outlook that being an introvert equals being a loser, I strongly believe that it is a rare but special personality trait. I myself have spent all my life standing on the sidelines, always observing never really socializing. In short I used to be the typical “anti-social” element. I have to admit that I have changed a lot in the past few years but I still miss the old me. So here are a few advantages you enjoy when you are a wallflower:

1. You never fall in trouble:  The basic idea is that nobody knows you, so there is not a sliver of a chance that anyone is going to suspect you did anything. In short you can screw things up all you want and you never get caught.

2. You know a lot about people: Since you spend more time observing people than doing anything else, you end up getting a good idea of how they actually are. You know how they act when they think no one is noticing, and hence that makes you a good judge of character.

3. It is hard for people to fool you: The knowledge and experience you gain helps you to make better decisions. You are more mature and understand the complexities of life, which just adds to your capability of making a sound judgement.

4. You become the next most desirable thing: Trust me on this one. Being a wallflower adds a mysterious aura to your personality and guys are attracted to you like bees to flowers. Think about it, from Cinderella to Bella Swan all our lead protagonists are wallflowers. So maybe there is an Edward Cullen somewhere around you, waiting to be smitten by your charms 😉

5. You get a lot of free time: Taking into the consideration the fact that you don’t waste your time gossiping like old ladies, you have a lot of free time on your hands. That means you may utilize this time into something more beneficial like developing a new hobby. You will be surprised by your own potentials.

6. People actually listen when you talk: People actually get surprised when they hear you talking, so they naturally conclude that since you are speaking (which you don’t do usually) it means there is something important and they should hear you out.

7. You give the best advice: All those years of observing and meditating gives you enough experience to give people sound advises when they are in dire need of one. You become the next Dr. Phil and the savior for your girlfriends going through heartbreaks.