The Humdrum Affairs

PART 1: Of Regrets and Mistakes-

“It’s regret, I think that regret is the worst kind of pain. Yeah guilt is bad, and sadness is bad, but regret is the sickly combination of both.”

A few days back I was having this conversation with a friend of mine regarding regrets and how they affect our lives. We all make mistakes, and we all learn from them, but there are certain things that stick with us for a long time. Actually ‘mistakes’ is not the correct word to describe the sentiment, it is ‘decisions’. That decision may be regarding your career, or about trusting a person, or even about what you’d have fore dessert. Okay I know that the worst kind of regret for having a chocolate cake for dessert would perhaps be putting on a few pounds, but what about the more crucial choices. The ones that may make or break your life. These may leave a permanent scar.

So back to the conversation I was having, I was shocked when my friend asked me not to keep any room for regrets in my life. I mean, how is it even possible. But then wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had no remorse for the past at all. The basic requirement for this kinda ‘good life’ is: self-restraint and a heart of steel, both of which I conveniently lack 😦 . Still I would like to share what I learnt but sadly am too stubborn to follow-

  • Never doubt your decision. Make the right choice and know that at that time, that was the best you could have done.
  • Don’t give up. Try your best to handle whatever may come.
  • Let the world burn. Never listen to what people have to say. You know that you tried, there was nothing else you could’ve done. Self-satisfaction is what we are looking for here.
  • Never blame yourself.

Lastly if I have to conclude, I will just ask you to remember the mantra- “SHIT HAPPENS”. Forget the past and move on. There are better things waiting for you if you just believe 🙂