Let Me Sleep

You do not know mother,
how hard it has been:
to love as people go
taking pieces of me as they leave.
You cannot know,
what it does to me.
To be emptying stomach
in bright lit places.
Sleeping with strangers,
burning my insides,
just to sleep.
I feel mother you sorrow,
I failed myself too: 
As my face falls,
I watch just as helpless as you.
Collecting hair
from crimson rivulets
over ceramics,
and father’s hopes,
off marred skin.
Let me sleep mother,
for a while more; 
It’ll pass,
let’s hope.
-Courtesy of a very good friend and writer 🙂


For my Mom

Every time I’m down, I think of you

Every time I lose, I think of you

Every time I’m faced with a tough task, I think of you

Do you know why?

Because it reminds me of a strong individual who never let anything put her down

Happy Birthday to the most dynamic and strong personality I have known in my life!

Love and Other Things


Desires, that are hard to ignore,

Sorrows, are in thousands galore,

Love, and there is no one to pour,

Heart, and so many scratches on door,

Forever, the word seems so small,

Heights of everything, I am afraid to fall,

Mistakes, done on your every call,

Anger, and I have so much to gall,

Misconception, widely accepted,

Changes,that are never expected,

Feelings, so brutally rejected,

Loneliness, but still connected…

This is something I wrote with my bff..she is a sweet heart and this post is dedicated to her 🙂

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I Dream

If only you were mine,

I would know how to live.

I’d keep you in my heart,

And give you all that I can give.

If only you were mine,

Things wouldn’t have to be this way.

Breathing would come easier,

This pain would go away.

If only you were mine,

Wouldn’t have to stay up every night.

With bloodshot eyes and tear stained face,

This war with loneliness, I wouldn’t have to fight.

If only you were mine,

There would be only you.

If only you were mine,

Oh how I wish that was true.

If only………