The Girl who killed herself

Don’t talk to her
She’s in too deep
Drowning in her own pain.

Her eyes are empty
An endless void
A reflection of her life.

She can’t sleep
She can’t eat
Just keeps awaiting her doom.

A new mask
A new pretense.

Lost in her own nightmares
She murdered her hopes
Strangled her joy.

No tears shed
For this living corpse
No remorse
For her bleeding heart.

That’s how she lives
That’s who she is
The girl who killed herself.


Dream Man

Still waiting here

Still alone

Looking for someone

I know from a distant memory

Can you help me find him

I think I remember

Just how he looks

Though I’m not sure

Maybe if I saw him

Or heard his voice

I’ll recognize him

From my dreams

He’s my stranger

My desire

That comes to me in my sleep

Maybe just my imagination

But is more than reality..

P.s. I’m really sorry for my long absence but I was caught up with my exams and all and you know how these things tend to suck the life out of you 😦 So I guess I can safely say that I’m back now and hoping to post more often 🙂

Let Me Sleep

You do not know mother,
how hard it has been:
to love as people go
taking pieces of me as they leave.
You cannot know,
what it does to me.
To be emptying stomach
in bright lit places.
Sleeping with strangers,
burning my insides,
just to sleep.
I feel mother you sorrow,
I failed myself too: 
As my face falls,
I watch just as helpless as you.
Collecting hair
from crimson rivulets
over ceramics,
and father’s hopes,
off marred skin.
Let me sleep mother,
for a while more; 
It’ll pass,
let’s hope.
-Courtesy of a very good friend and writer 🙂

Sweet Dreams are made of this..

It is dark in here, a pitch black room,
I’m hiding from the sun.
The light disrupts the endless calm,
This void that my life has become.

I hear the voices calling me,
They’re telling me to unlock the door.
They try to seep in through the cracks,
Ready to unleash the pain in store.

I close myself and shut them out,
My tears still falling like rain.
The air around so thick with fear,
It’s bound to leave a stain.

No stop!!! Just stop I’m begging now,
These nightmares won’t go away.
Those footsteps keep coming closer and closer,
 To escape I can find no way.

The numbness sings a sweet lullaby,
My need to fight it deep.
I lie awake keeping me conscious,
I’m just too afraid to fall asleep.