My Sanity

Talk to me in riddles

Whisper in my ears

Kiss me till I feel no pain

Take away my fears.

I want to fall into your arms

Fall until I’m lost

Make me forget all my sins

Exorcise my past.

When I’m with you I feel alive

My body is on fire

Your kisses burn into my soul

Your voice fuels my desire.

You are the pill that keeps me sane

Drive my demons away

Your love binds my broken heart

Makes me stronger each day.


Sweet Dreams are made of this..

It is dark in here, a pitch black room,
I’m hiding from the sun.
The light disrupts the endless calm,
This void that my life has become.

I hear the voices calling me,
They’re telling me to unlock the door.
They try to seep in through the cracks,
Ready to unleash the pain in store.

I close myself and shut them out,
My tears still falling like rain.
The air around so thick with fear,
It’s bound to leave a stain.

No stop!!! Just stop I’m begging now,
These nightmares won’t go away.
Those footsteps keep coming closer and closer,
 To escape I can find no way.

The numbness sings a sweet lullaby,
My need to fight it deep.
I lie awake keeping me conscious,
I’m just too afraid to fall asleep.