My Sanity

Talk to me in riddles

Whisper in my ears

Kiss me till I feel no pain

Take away my fears.

I want to fall into your arms

Fall until I’m lost

Make me forget all my sins

Exorcise my past.

When I’m with you I feel alive

My body is on fire

Your kisses burn into my soul

Your voice fuels my desire.

You are the pill that keeps me sane

Drive my demons away

Your love binds my broken heart

Makes me stronger each day.


Searching for true love..

I have spent a lot of my time worrying about true love. Who will he be? When will I find him? Will he like me?  I used to think that it was the hardest thing to do but then this very evening I saw a mother give birth to her baby while posted in the OBGYN department. She had been in labor for hours, was in pain, exhausted and there was a lot of blood 😦

Finally she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Then it happened…she looked at her child for the first time and that look on her face was pure love; love for her newborn baby. It felt like she had momentarily forgotten all about her pain and despair; like her baby was the center of her world and nothing else mattered. It was then I realized that I had already found true love the day I was born.

The first thing I did after that was to call my mom and tell her how much I loved her. I don’t know why we spend years trying to find the meaning of love when it is right there in front of us.  A mother’s love is unconditional and one that is easily ignored by us. If you haven’t told your mom what she means to you, I request you do it today. Tell her how much you appreciate everything that she has done for you. It will make her day I can assure you.


Why can’t I say NO??

Then one day it dawned on me: If my value to others hinged on what I’d do for them, then their approval of me was of no real value. So I did myself a favor. I learned to say no to all favors but those I could do with a giving heart.— Sandra Kring

My inability to say no is one of the biggest tragedies of my life. Add to it my fear of rejection and you get a perfect pushover. Earlier it was just to please people around me but eventually it became a habit and now I just can’t say no.

 It had come to a point where people’s perspective of me became everything. I stopped being myself and turned into a pseudo someone that my peers wanted me to be. I know it is not a good place to be and I’m still fighting to turn things around though I’m not sure if I’ll succeed. What can I do?

A Rose Maybe…

What greater tragedy for a girl than never having received a rose 😦  Sadly, I am one of those girls. I don’t even know if such a category exists. I don’t understand why nobody actually thought of giving me one. It is painful when I see girls around me with dozens of them and I’m empty handed. Is it normal to be in my position or is my life truly pathetic?