The Girl who killed herself

Don’t talk to her
She’s in too deep
Drowning in her own pain.

Her eyes are empty
An endless void
A reflection of her life.

She can’t sleep
She can’t eat
Just keeps awaiting her doom.

A new mask
A new pretense.

Lost in her own nightmares
She murdered her hopes
Strangled her joy.

No tears shed
For this living corpse
No remorse
For her bleeding heart.

That’s how she lives
That’s who she is
The girl who killed herself.



A piece of paper

is all he left me

A letter and empty places

An empty bed

and an empty heart

Guess he was a coward

to run like this

A coward

not to face me

He had no right to hurt me so

To leave me with just words

Five words worse than- “It’s over”

Five words..

“It’s not you it’s me”

A Song for a Broken Heart

Suddenly you say you’re leaving,

Suddenly our love means nothing at all;

I wonder why you didn’t tell me sooner,

Give me a warning to break my fall.

Now you tell me we’ve got nothing left,

Swear that she loves you more than I;

You say that my pleads don’t work on you,

And blame that my tears are but a lie.

What can I say to make you stay,

What can I say to make you mine;

All I can do is watch you leave,

And soothe my heart that I’ll be fine.

There will be no more crying for you,

My tears have all run dry;

I will survive without you here,

This is our last goodbye.

Let Me Sleep

You do not know mother,
how hard it has been:
to love as people go
taking pieces of me as they leave.
You cannot know,
what it does to me.
To be emptying stomach
in bright lit places.
Sleeping with strangers,
burning my insides,
just to sleep.
I feel mother you sorrow,
I failed myself too: 
As my face falls,
I watch just as helpless as you.
Collecting hair
from crimson rivulets
over ceramics,
and father’s hopes,
off marred skin.
Let me sleep mother,
for a while more; 
It’ll pass,
let’s hope.
-Courtesy of a very good friend and writer 🙂

Family Portrait

A shattered family portrait

A pillow stained with tears

The raised voices and shattered hopes

As innocence simply stares.

I’m scared daddy please don’t fight

I just can’t take it no more

Why can’t we be a happy family

Just like we were before.

I close myself and shut them out

As I hear her silently weep

I find a sanctuary in my bed

And cry myself to sleep.

No, mommy please don’t cry

Look what I made for you

I swear I’d be a good girl

Together we’ll make it through.

Bleeding Love

I know exactly what you think,
You think that I have gone insane.
But is it right for you to judge,
When you’re so ignorant of my pain.

I told you once, I told you twice,
I told you every night and day.
I swore to you my love, my life,
Still you fooled me all the way.

I gave to you all that I had,
My heart, body, soul and mind.
Tried to make you see my side of things,
How could you have been so blind?

You left me standing helpless,
But what else can I do.
How can I move on with life,
When I’m still in love with you.

I tried to erase the scars you left,
But your memories won’t fade away.
I carved your name on my soul with love,
And that fire still burns me everyday.