The Girl who killed herself

Don’t talk to her
She’s in too deep
Drowning in her own pain.

Her eyes are empty
An endless void
A reflection of her life.

She can’t sleep
She can’t eat
Just keeps awaiting her doom.

A new mask
A new pretense.

Lost in her own nightmares
She murdered her hopes
Strangled her joy.

No tears shed
For this living corpse
No remorse
For her bleeding heart.

That’s how she lives
That’s who she is
The girl who killed herself.



I still think about you. I know I shouldn’t and I know it’s stupid but I can’t help it . There are times when I hear my phone ringing and I silently wish it was you. I still wake up feeling empty inside, as if I was missing a part of me.

I just want to know how you’ve been. Are you happy? Does she make you happy? I know it is inappropriate to be asking these questions but I am genuinely curious. You were my best friend for years and I do have the right. You just can’t abandon someone like that.

I miss my friend, I miss being able to tell you everything. It kills me to see you pass by me everyday and not even acknowledge me. What would I give to have you look at me  just once without flinching. Do I ever cross your mind or have you completely erased me from your memories? Why do I have to lose a friend to make things better?